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Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide Sputtering Target

Brand :Xinkang

Product origin :Hunan,China

Delivery time :1-3 weeks

Supply capacity :1-2 tons / month

Our factory supply high quality Al2O3, SiO2, Si3N4, SiC, Nb2Ox, TiOx, ITO, AZO sputtering targets, as well as many other compound materials. As ceramic sputtering targets are very fragile with very bad thermal conductivity, so usually it will be bonded with copper backing plate by indiumor elastomer, to prolong service time.

Sintering technology are used  to produce ceramic sputtering targets, the shape can be round and rectangle.For round target,the diameter can be 1" to 14" , while thickness can be 3mm to 6.35mm, special size can be customized. For rectangle target, monolithic or several tiles construction will be supplied depending on the size.


Chemical Composition: YBaCuO

Available Purity: 3N

Production Technology: Powder Metallurgy

Shapes: planar targets

Available size: round target, diameter ≤ 14”, rectangle target, according to your requirement

Indium bonding is recommended for this materials

Advantages: uniform color, smooth surface, no cracks, no chipping, no foreign inclusions and contaminants.

Application: superconductive thin films

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